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Melissa is a Registered Massage Therapist and certified TMJ specialist who takes a wholistic approach to identifying & treating the root cause of jaw, neck, and head related TMJ issues.

One day, while delivering a talk on TMJ, an excited attendee proclaimed, “You’re the Jaw Mechanic!” And the name stuck as it so perfectly captures how Melissa helps her clients.

TMJ is Painful and Frustrating. Let the Jaw Mechanic Help!  

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Melissa is Transitioning to a new Clinic.
We’ll post her updated clinic times and announce on vlife Social channels & in our subscriber update as soon as she’s settled in!

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Soon to be servicing clients in
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We’ll announce and update with her new
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TMJ Massage Therapy Treatment

With targeted TMJ Massage therapy, you can reduce the frequency & intensity of flare-ups as well as work towards a resolution of the jaw asymmetry that’s at the heart of the problem.

Targeted healing massage therapy for TMJ Dysfunction involves both external jaw, mouth, neck, & head massage in addtion to gentle internal mouth and jaw release massage. These techniques reduce the muscle tightness and compression that puts unhealthy strain on the jaw to better manage symptoms by improving overall jaw function.

Massage Therapy

Taking a wholistic approach, Melissa works with you to assess and treat the root cause of your muscle aches & pains, so that you get lasting and healing relief as well as improving & maintaining overall muscular health.

Given Melissa’s TMJ specialization, she has become highly skilled in using massage to help relieve & treat a wide variety of painful head and neck related issues.

Integrated Therapies

Melissa uses Gua Sha & Cupping with her clients as part of her whole health approach to maximize her clients’ treatment gains.

Gua Sha

Gua Sha is a Chinese Medicine healing technique that encourages lymphatic drainage, boosts blood flow, and relieves muscle tension.


Cupping is an ancient form of Chinese medicine still widely regarded as being very effective in increasing circulation to strained muscles – enhancing the body’s natural healing abilities.

TMJ Support Resources – YouTube 

Melissa’s brief & informative explainer videos provide extra support and info in promotion of TMJ health. Check it out and subscribe to keep up to date with her latest and to get a feel for the many way she’s able to help heal and maintain your TMJ.


Melissa is as passionate about treating TMJ Dysfunction as she is about jaw health education.

Check out her blog to understand just how important jaw health is and why TMJ dysfunction causes such a wide variety of painful (but manageable) symptoms.

With Melissa’s easy to read articles, you can see just how impactful her treatments are because she really helps you understand why they work!